Set to release their second big single “Mona Lisa” on September 27th, this Leeds based outfit leading the battle against poncy art-rock. They’re far from sophisticated, but they’re a lot of fun (and the lead singer isn’t half bad-looking).

Mona Lisa is a track that’ll certainly take you back to the days of Vans, conforming to non-conformity and forming a band in your mate’s shed. If you’re not familiar with DNP’s work, then check out “Opposites Attract” and “Summer Hit Single” as their stand out work.

Have to say, I don’t think Mona Lisa is their pinnacle by any stretch, but its great to hear that they’re releasing new material.



Trophy Wife are the latest indie/pop band to come out of Oxford

Take this Night is a jaunty summer tune, the kind that will stay in your head long after its first listen. The funky bass combined with the minimal guitars and floating lyrics are part of wonderful understatement of this song


Pre-order new single Microlite

Out 8th November 2010

Trophy Wife – Take this Night


The deliciously named tune ‘Shampain’ has been remixed by Pictureplane, famous for his other remixes of HEALTH – Die Slow and 90s anthem Fantasy

This remix could easily fit on his album Dark Rift and carries on his tradition of taking songs and making them fit for the dancefloor. He’s like the Max Power of song remixing

Anyway, enjoy

Marina and the Diamonds – Shampain (Pictureplane\'s Deep Dolphin Remix)


Hill n dale property

Need to freshen up your iPod? Fed up of listening to the same albums? Here’s a round up of some great, but lesser known bands out there

Hailing from Oxford, their jaunty minimalist songs float like a summer’s day. Material thin on the ground atm
Download – Take this night

Alternative electro/indie music from Tacoma. EP oo0ooo0oo is a stunner
Download – Haus

Ambient electro, his remix of Islands by the xx is fantastic
Download – Light 2

Indie shoegaze from the Philippines. Music to close your eyes to
Download – Second Trace

Experimental electronic music. King of the remix
Download – Marina and the Diamonds – Mowgli’s Road (Entrepreneurs Space-Hopper remix)

Electronic – cites one of his influences as Fleetwood Mac
Download – Your Hear Colours

Making male harmonies the sexiest thing in music.

“Man Alive” is what I’ve been waiting for, for at least two years now. After finding the band’s first offering “Suffragette Suffragette” buried under a heap of other unsigned filth in my heyday at student radio, they reinstated my faith in the frankly, the limping british guitar scene after having nearly drowned in a sea of second albums and wank electro.

This band came along and made things happen. Admittedly, its hard to ignore a band who champion the lyric “who’s gonna sit on your face when I’m gone?” . Rudeness aside, this band were something new.

I had the pleasure of seeing one of their first shows before the album was recorded at Nation of Shopkeepers, got a peck on the cheek from the delectable bassman and congratulated their form. Even in front of about 40 northern student cheapskates, they performed as if they were playing an academy venue – evident in the sweat, grimaces and frantic strumming to the band’s technically impressive repertoire.

Man Alive is one of those (and sorry for the cliche) all killer no filler jobs. It glides from one side to another – we’re treated to heavier delights such as “Suffragette Suffragette” and the progressive (Maximo park-esque?!) “My Qwerty Finger”, to the brilliant and bizarre “Schoolin” and the lighter “Weights” and “Tin (the manhole)”. With Photoshop Handsome a clear triumph and two fingers up to fake fast-paced culture.

The vocals, are by far, a masterpiece. A shining thread woven throughout the record showing true talent and a real attention to technique and production. Believe me, the harmonies are as good live if not better.

This record is the perfect antidote to the autumn blues signalling the start of a season of fresh shows and renewed vigour, shaking off the side effects of a summer of lazed festivals and greedy come-backs. Everything Everything are touring in October, if you haven’t got tickets yet you’re a fool.

A record not to be missed live, and definitely worth the £7.99 download fee. Go on, live a little, give it a go.

See you down the front guys

A x

My new favourite band are set to release single “Boyfriend” today from their debut album “Crazy For You”. Best Coast are a dreamy new band, from, surprisingly, the West coast of the States fronted and driven nearly entirely by the effortlesly cool Bethany Cosentino.

Check out the single, and then delve further into the album, starting with “Summer Mood” and “Bratty B”. The lyrics may be simple, yet the sentiment of the album is huge – perfect for the tail end of summer.

They’re playing the London Scala on 1st December. If you can I suggest you make it down for a winter treat.

Over and out, A x


Serotonin, the third offering from Eel Pie island men, the Mystery Jets was officially released a few days ago and certainly got BTBP thinking.

The youthful naivety of Making Dens is long gone for the Mystery Jets, their albums now seemingly becoming a chronological embodiment of their lives. Making Dens, a young and free band who still saw their Dad as invincible, Twenty One, featuring the excitement and bitterness of late teens and early twenties and now Serotonin, nostalgic, but excited for the future.

Songs like The Boy Who Ran Away, Lizzie’s Lion and Quite a Delight seem a lifetime ago for the band and instead have been replaced by dreamy-eyed love ballads. A quick look at the song titles from Serotonin, with songs such as The Girl is Gone, Too Late to Talk, Dreaming of Another World and Melt show the album to be full of heart and sadness, but also optimism. Reflect, but find strength and move on seems to be the theme of the album. There is no bitterness in the album, just a happiness for the opportunities the band have had. Rather than feel saddened, i certainly felt enlightened and the album could certainly be a great way for them to sign off….

The album certainly shares a lot with Twenty One, with songs from Serotinin easily fitting alongside tunes from Twenty One such as Flakes, Behind the Bunhouse and First to Know, which were the best songs on that album. Serotonin won’t be loved by all, but i’d say its the best album by the Mystery Jets so far. Making Dens never really did much for me, their bands best moments seem to come when they put their heart into songs and on Serotonin they certainly do that, and more.

Better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved…